What’s New at the Abbott

New books, DVDs, and audio-books at the Abbott

Programs  for Summer

We’ll be having a Summer Reading Program again this year and hope that the students from Bridgewater will be participating. We’ll post more information about this soon.

We also hope to have another Summer Moth. The last Moth story-telling session was so much fun (standing room only!), with our host Mark Binder up to his usual high standard of coordinating this event.


We’re beginning the complex project of creating an online catalog for our books, DVDs, and audio-books. This will take a while to accomplish but will enable anyone to search the collection.

Library Trustee Betsy Rhodes led a small work team in modifying our walkway to reduce flooding where it meets the road. So far, so good. . . . Thanks, Betsy!

Roof Restoration Project

The bid for this project has been awarded to Gerard Leone; the State’s Divison of Historic Preservation has signed off on the official grant agreement ($20,000), and samples of the eight different cresting tiles we need duplicated have been sent to a manufacturer in Ohio.  We’re excited to finally have this work underway!

Ridge tile, removed from roof 2010.
Ridge tile, removed from roof 2010.

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